Dry Eye - FAQS

Q. My eyes are gritty and itchy, what should I do?
A. See your ophthalmologist for a full eye health check to ensure correct diagnosis of your problem.

Q. What can be done to help me with the symptoms of dry eye?
A. The use of artificial tears on a regular basis may help with the symptoms.
Ensure you blink frequently while working at your computer, watching television or reading, and take regular breaks.
Drink plenty of water to ensure you are adequately hydrated.
Wear sunglasses outside to reduce the difficulties with bright light and glare.
Avoid dry environments where possible such as overly warm rooms, smoky environments and air conditioning.

Q. What happens if this doesn’t help?
A. Other options include use of lubricating gels and ointments, anti-inflammatory medications, dietary supplementation and insertion of punctal plugs. We can advise you on this.