Watery Eyes - FAQS

Q. What causes a watery eye?
A. Most often it is caused by inadequate drainage of tears from the eye e.g. due to a narrowed or blocked tear duct.
Less commonly it may be caused by an over-production of tears e.g. due to a foreign body or ingrowing eyelashes.

Q. What causes a blockage?
A.Children may be born with a blocked tear duct. Most often this resolves by a year of age.
The opening of the tear duct may narrow with age. This is frequently associated with an outward rotation of the lid margin.
Abnormalities within the nose e.g. polyps or a deviated septum may cause a blockage.

Q. What can I do about this?
A. An ophthalmologist will usually be able to determine the cause of the watering. You will then be advised on your treatment options.