Uveitis and Iritis - FAQS

Q. I have a red sore eye, what should I do?
A. There are many causes of a painful red eye including infections, trauma, foreign bodies, ulcers and uveitis.
You can see your general practitioner or you can see an eye specialist.

Q. What is uveitis?
A. The uvea is the pigmented part of the eye and includes the iris, ciliary body and choroid. Inflammation of the uveal tract is termed uveitis.
Uveitis may be an isolated disease of the eye or may be linked to an underlying systemic condition such as arthritis, lung disease or bowel disease.

Q. How is uveitis treated?
A. The treatment depends on the underlying cause. Steroid drops are frequently used either alone or in conjunction with other medications. Even if you have previously been treated for uveitis you should not attempt to self-medicate as incorrect treatment may severely damage the eye.