Uveitis and Iritis Treatment

Treatment is aimed at controlling the symptoms such as redness, pain, irritation and discomfort, and preventing complications that may cause visual impairment.

Treatments include:

  • Antibiotic therapy for bacterial, viral, fungal or protozoal diseases.
  • Steroids to reduce the inflammation and associated irritation and discomfort. These may be delivered as eye drops, tablets or injections.
  • Dilating drops to relieve discomfort and to prevent adhesion between the iris and the lens.

Uveitis is a potentially sight-threatening disease. It is important that it is treated early and completely. Uveitis may recur in one or other eye weeks, months or years later. It is frequently misdiagnosed as conjunctivitis and treated with antibiotic drops. If you have previously had uveitis be sure to inform the person treating you, and request referral to an eye specialist. If you suspect you may have uveitis you are welcome to contact us directly.