Pterygium FAQS

Q. How do you pronounce this?
A. Ter-ig-ee-um

Q. What is a Pterygium?
A. It is a growth of thickened tissue on the white of the eye. It appears to be on the iris (the coloured part) but is infact on the cornea (the transparent part in front of the iris).
It typically starts growing near the inside corner of the eye but may occur on the outside i.e. in the 3 and 9 o’clock positions.
It may extend across the cornea towards the pupil.
Cancerous growths are infrequent but may mimic a pterygium.

Q. What can be done for this?
A. Treatment with lubricating or anti-inflammatory eye drops may alleviate the irritation but will not remove the pterygium.
Pterygia can be surgically removed under local anaesthesia.