Glaucoma - FAQS

Q. What is Glaucoma?
A. Glaucoma is a disease that damages the optic nerve in the back of the eye. It may or may not be associated with an increase in intra-ocular pressure.
Glaucoma causes defects in the field of vision, but this may go undetected for many years. Most people have no symptoms until the disease is far advanced.
Once diagnosed treatment can help significantly slow and prevent further damage from occurring.

Q. What can I do to catch this early?
A. From the age of 45 it is recommended that you have regular eye health checks.
Having a first-degree relative with glaucoma increases your risk about tenfold.

Q. What can de done to treat Glaucoma?
A. Glaucoma is most often controlled with eye drops. Laser treatment and surgery are less commonly used.
Systemic factors such as blood pressure and blood glucose levels may play a role.